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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Between 2 Guys

This isn't funny, it's true.
What I hate the most about this show is it is, bar none, the one show that always makes me a little teary everytime I see it. This one is for all my boys, spread hither and thither, near and yonder, who have listened to me bitch this past...well, who have listened to me bitch since bitching was bitching and a smoke was a smoke.
For DK, Watdawg, The Juice, Rob, Adam, The Baron, Bossman Burns, JR Holly, and the inimitable Duke Leonardi. There is a much bigger post in all of this, one that will satisfy Kristen, with the unhappy mixtape conclusion, a sad lament on things L gave me that are now no more, an article on magic thinking, and the whole shebang bag of good and bad that is this thing called life. This post is dedicated to marriages near and far, and babies that are soon popping. And of course to Lady Y. And the dimunitive downtown diva. It's almost opening night.


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