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Sunday, October 09, 2005

You Will Never Defeat Me, Skeletor

How about a victory margarita for ole' T-dawg? That's right, 'cuz after six months, two previous abortive attempts, and lots of mumbled "What book is it?" by numerous associates, I can say that I. DID. IT. I did it! I read Sister Carrie! I don't know why this book became this Everest to me, I've read far longer, and better, for that matter. But I had to get it done. And I did it. Take that Dreiser! T-Dawg -1, Sister Carrie - 487. Pages, that is.
Begun on a bus trip to Boston in May, you have been put down like the mangy bitch you are, Sister Carrie. You mocked me, razed me, called me a BIG GIRL'S BLOUSE!!! Not anymore, Sister. Swing out, 'cuz I am through you with your chump ass.
And in the on deck circle?
Oh, a little
See you in 2008.


Blogger dup said...

Sister Carie? How did this come about?

5:54 PM

Blogger tdawg said...

That is like asking "How does the mighty Mississippi flow?" or "What makes David Ortiz's swing so sweet?" or even "Why is Karl Rove not in jail?" There are no answers to mysteries like these, Dup. They just are. Seriously though, I decided after reading a slew of writer's essays about what, or better who, made them want to write, I noticed Dreiser's name kept popping up time and again. For his brilliance as much as for his hackneyed, at times even convoluted writing. And Sister Carrie seemed to be the total embodiment of everything writers both revered and abhorred about our man Thomas.

10:37 PM


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