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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And The Hits Just Keep Coming...

After waiting for what seemed a ridiculous amount of time to pull a lever, I walked towards the G train completely dejected. Not because of the candidates themselves, but because of the ineptitude or general lack of interest in the democratic process that the people running the polling places have. I feel bad for them, don't get me wrong, having to put up with people in a hurry (why employers don't grant people clemency on days like this is beyond me)and doing it mostly on a volunteer basis, but I mean, COME ON. When I got there it took them thirty minutes to figure out which district I was in, even though I live on the same block as the voting site! Then, and all apologies to the woman who looked me up, because she had apparently not brought her correct eye wear, she couldn't spell my last name. Everyone who reads this either lives in the same city and state that shares my surname, or is back in TX with that self same surname. Then, to add injury to insult, the man ahead of me had to stop them because they gave him a DEMOCRATIC ballot when he had flat out told them he was a registered REPUBLICAN. He had to loudly explain this to the voting booth operators several times. I felt bad for him. Although, apparently he voted for Mitt Romney, so I don't know how truly bad I can feel.

But this little tidbit brightened up my day. My guy may be out, but it's good to know his message meant something to some. Happy Primaries!!

No More 'Pink Houses' For McCain
By Brandon Barker
Feb 5th 2008 12:20PM

Whether he was lobbying for a John Mellencamp endorsement for his presidential bid or simply looking for a rousing, all-American song to rally his supporters, we will never know. Because, according to Rolling Stone, the popular heartland rocker has quietly asked Republican Sen. John McCain to stop playing "Our Country," "Pink Houses" or any other Mellencamp tune at his political events.

Mellencamp, a balladeer of middle class sufferance, is a Democrat and, until recently, a supporter of John Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign.

'There ain't no Pink Houses in Arizona!'

'I didn't mean THAT kind of Cougar!'

Me thinks that The Boss owes ole' Johnny Coug a cold one.


Blogger Maxwell said...

See, I made it. No little pink houses for you!

12:33 PM


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