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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheers to you, The Baron

I wanted to make sure and get this in, before you left, so you could be justly revered and fetted.

You made the MoMA what it has been, for far more good than bad.

You have been a cheerleader and confidant since day one.

You are truly a good soul.

You are extremely lazy.

You are one of the truest people I have ever known.

You have never met a drink you didn't like.

You helped me, and many others, through some extremely rough patches, that even just writing about don't do justice.

You are extremely bright, with a real love for bad jokes.

You will be missed more than this blog can say.

Join me, everyone.



May the city of lights give you all you need and more.

Bon chance, my friend!


Blogger Jambon Jambon said...

What can I add? El Baron was a true man among fallen-from-grace princes (sorry Messrs Marron, Menschel, and Ovitz), a reminder why MoMA was once a great place to visit and work in, a rudder in the often flappable world of Visitor Services. I would also like to say that I:
- never read a book that he hadn't read
- never matched his sartorial ease
- always looked forward to meeting him at lunch in the staff lounge, languidly and unaffectedly reading Proust.
LA's gain, JG, LA's gain.
Enjoy yourself.

1:05 PM


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