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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Diary Of A Sentimental Geek, Day Four

This is one of my closest friends from HS, Alex, aka "O.J.", aka "The Juice" aka "Juicy Juice." I haven't seen him in four years but he lives in San Fran, so I tracked him down and he was nice enough to knock off early from work on Tuesday, and we did what all old buddies do.

We drank and bought records!

I was so excited to go to Amoeba for the first time, I wound up blowing almost $80 on stuff, but I got away with some awesome Whigs rarities, alot of hard to find Marvin, and a present or two for good boys and girls. I couldn't help it. I wish I could bring everyone along. We celebrated our purchases with two more rounds, and then we drove like mad through Haight traffic so Alex could get home and celebrate his birthday.

I went back to Watson's and crashed, threw in my new Jeff Klein CD and fell into a buzzed slumber. I was roused by my memory of making plans with Jonny S. for even more drinks. It was dark out, but I was still packing my digital camera.

To Cafe Vesuvio for drinks and catching up on all things downtown theatre. A brief discussion of painful things and more theatre gossip, we hoisted our final bourbons and I stumbled the six blocks home. But not before buying a giant burrito.

I saw this on Grant street the next morning and was forced to recognize. Thoughts of Jack and William S. and Allen and Lucien Carr and ole' Neal Cassady filled me, I wondered what they would think of blogging and myspace and smoking bans and spinning classes. Went to City Lights and paid my respects. Bought a coffee at Trieste, sat down to write a letter, and thought about everything I thought I knew, and the stuff I most definitely don't.

Trudged on to Coit Tower, more steps than a sixth floor walk up in the Bronx, took in the sights from 210 feet above the ground. (though this shot is from the parking lot!) I trudged back home in the rain, to prepare myself for Watson's opening night.

Mark was in The Rivals at ACT, and it was a hit. We went to some swanky party, and then did what we're supposed to. Drink in dive bars and come up with country songs.
I had to bail early, because the day before had rendered me useless.

Finally made it to the SF MoMA this morning, and took it all in. This is the walk way on the fifth floor. Those are my feet. It is very high up.

So tranquil and beautiful here, just what a museum should be.
I bought a lot of postcards.

This is me outside at the SF MoMA cafe. It's a nod to a pic that hung on a refrigerator in Green Port, Long Island that I saw on many seperate get aways. I am not as pretty as the other person was, even if I never met her.

And finally, truth in advertising.
I'm speculating, anyway.

Tomorrow, L.A.

Good night San Francisco!!!!


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