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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Diary of A Sentimental Geek

Here I am on Rue Ferlinghetti, getting my beat on.

It's beautiful here in San Francisco, and my buddy Watson couldn't be a better host. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge twice yesterday, because neither of us realized you couldn't catch a bus back across.

It was pouring rain, so we double timed it.

Here's Mark being mysterious.

We wondered the streets of North Beach, looking for good burgers and drinks, talking about heartbreak and promising each other we won't become jaded old fuckers. I have learned alot about cynicism in the last four months and I tell you something, it's fucking exhausting. Happiness isn't easy, but you have to try and find it for yourself. You can't control success, we've decided, but you can control your happiness. Or something.

This is on the bridge. Encountering this was completely appropriate.

And finally, here I am deep in sentimental geek mode, wishing on a riddle.

Off to the SF MoMA, the one museum I actually WANT to go to.
Until later my friends.


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