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Friday, March 31, 2006

Getting Ready For The Random Dulli Sighting

I'm down here in Silverlake, waiting on some friends to come and get me. No photos yet, but they will be coming forthwith.

It's cold as hell out here in the city of angels, which makes it official:

I was born under a bad sign.

I can't go on a vacation without bringing bad weather, I can't leave town to do a play without my life falling apart, I can't stop hoping against hope that things will all work out the way I need them to.

This is why there's always Greg Dulli.


Mufucka's got a wicked sense of humor, to top off the musical and lyrical chops.

The new album 'Powder Burns' drops May 16th.

If you've never seen them live, do yourself the favor.

I have used a lot of beauty products today.

When in Silverlake....


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