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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last Call

So I was just on the phone with my grandmother, who went and had her funeral arrangements taken care of, and after a little crying and weirdness (I can't help it, the beautiful old Irish/Texan bird raised me, for chrissakes) she told me the song she had picked to be played as people shuffle out after the service.

It's "My Way", by Old Blue Eyes hisself, Mr. Frank Sinatra. OK, show of hands. Whose grandmother's a fucking badass? Yea, that's what I thought.

So it got me thinking. What's mine?

Ryan Adams?
Nah, just too,too much.

Justin Timberlake?
Whose gonna wanna bring sexyback from the grave?

Jeff Klein?

Nope, it would most definitely have to be Dulli.
Who else could sum up my black lunged loss of a life?
And what song could do it?

'Somethin' Hot?'
Nah, I'm not gonna pick any one up from the coffin.

No. I'm not trying to get back together with anyone now that I'm dead.

'Teenage Wristband?'
Who the hell is wanna go for a ride with a corpse?

No, if there is one song that Mr. Dulli sang that would say that, "Yep, that's him, one Sloppy Drunk Sweetheart", it would have to be


The one that said it all, the first time, a million years ago.


So now, what's yours?