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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Good Stuff

These are a few pics from my trip back home. It was something I desperately needed, as I never get to go home for the real holidays, and I had foolishly put the trip on hold longer than usual as I was under some delusional notion that I may be getting cast in something! But, it is what it is and here are a few things that always put a smile on my face.

Here's me and my mom and baby sis at the Spurs game. Ah, hometown pride. (more on that later.)

Now, here's me and the old man standing beside a Shiner Brewery delivery truck, just outside of the actual Shiner brewery. (It's just about the best beer in the world, and just a hop skip and a two step from my hometown. Ask any Texan transplant here in NYC, they miss them some Shiner Bock!)

And here's my Maw-Maw's pit bull, Maddy, short for Maddux, who is so ugly he's beautiful. He's so gentle and affectionate and loves to kiss me and sleep on my lap, it's hard to believe he's over 70 pounds and could kill you with his jaws!

And here's something beautiful that happened for all of the world to witness last night, as I was flying back to New York. What a perfect song they picked to dance to! God bless Etta James. And God bless the Obamas! Let's hope this is just the beginning!

And finally, this is the pandemonium I got to witness in San Antonio as my hometown Spurs beat the evil empire Lakers on a last second shot. This is the scene as we were trying to get out of the arena. It was fucking incredible!

Blogspot sucks and is taking hours to post this video.
Fuck it.

Although plenty could be said about how stressful this trip was and how distance is sometimes the best remedy, nothing can compare to home and family. That unconditional, sometimes suffocating love can get us through the tough times, when it feels like it's all we have. True or not, there's most definitely no place like it.

In other good news, the LOST season premiere is mere minutes away!