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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Winter Doldrums, or My Life As A Television

I am bored. Bored stiff. Bored with work, bored with play, bored with diversions. The only thing that has peaked any interest from me lately is the Wire. I can't get enough of this show. It's totally fucking Shakespearean. I know I'm late to jump on this bandwagon, but this show has totally peaked my interest in television and I'm hooked. Outside of that, I've got bupkiss. A big fat honking nada. I tried to get jazzed about the workshop I did last week, but that took a Herculean effort. If you're going to bother to do a workshop, why don't you do what the process implies? Workshop the fucking script. Don't tiptoe through the tulips with the inherent problems in the script! Don't make 'interesting' a synonym for 'deeply flawed.' I hate having to be overtly nice for no reason. If there's a problem, let's fix it. Why bother to gather a room full of intelligent (for the most part) actors and have them read and read and read a script if you're not going to force the playwright to address the issues of said script that demand attention. We're here for a reason, right? Let's do something with the time then.

Maybe I'm just a bitter old coot.

Yep, definitely a biter old coot.

I guess it goes without saying that I feel totally lonely and somewhat useless. How is it that some people get audition after audition or have big life event after big life event and all I'm doing is working a shit load of overtime and coming home to my on the blink DVD player? I'm happy for all my friends slinging their hyperbolic yay-yo all over the various stages and screens of this town, as well as for everyone that is getting married and making new life. Maybe I'm truly not as appealing as my grandmother had lead me to believe. Dammit.

I am really excited though, to announce, after a interminable wait, that today, March 4th, is the release of Dulli's new project, the Gutter Twins, with his main man Mark Lanegan. This shit is terrific!

It feels like someone just drank my milkshake.....


Blogger Adam said...

your grandmother ain't no liar.

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