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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One Massively Egregious Omission

I feel like an idiot. There's no way this ISN'T in my Top Ten.
Anyone care to offer theirs?

This will have to take the place of Aretha. Sorry First Lady of Soul. It ain't personal.

Alright, full L.A. post coming tomorrow.


Blogger Dave Rogers said...

Dave's top ten list

Wait. There aren't ten Kelly Clarkson albums. I can't make a top one list.

(in no order of importance, and dammit, I'm not a fratboy even though there are 3 Dave Matthews references...)

1) Ashlee Simpson..oh, never mind, i was kidding...

1) Better than Ezra -- Artifakt
2) anything by Cross Canadian Ragweed or Honeybrowne or one of those Texas country bands..they all sound the same. I'm spoiled because this city drowns in that genre...
3) Cowboy Mouth--Voodoo Shoppe
4) Barry White--greatest hits. It drips with LUV.
5) DMB's solo album
6) Robert Earl Keen-- Walking Distance
7) DMB-- Under the table and dreaming (before they SOLD OUT)
8) DMB--whatever the red album was called that followed it that had "Cry Freedom", "Say goodbye, Drive in, Drive Out", etc. (obviously I know this one well.. by this point, I guess they had sold out..)

9) Better than Ezra-- How does your garden grow

10) Prince-- Controversy or any album with P Control on it.

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