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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Somethin' Hot

I would like to announce the first ever Tdawgblog contest!

I have, as the picture above suggests, two tix to the June 1st Twilight Singers show at Irving Plaza. I don't have anyone to go with.

Would you like to be my plus one?

What's that you say? A date with a sexy mufucka to see The Sexiest MuFucka play songs of black love and bootie boogalooing?

Just picture it.

Me and You.

Love and Murder.

Soul and Rock.

Whisky(Maker's)and Women(Dulli's.)

What could be better?

WHAT IS IT I HAVE TO DO?, you ask.

It's simple, darlin's.

Just put on your writing caps and think hard.

The topic is music, specifically the kind that changed you in a major way. As I have stated many many times, Greg Dulli's music has had a profound influence and impact on me the past 12 years. And I want to know what music did this to you.

Personal stories, SPIN like reviews, funny recollections and top ten lists welcome. The topic is music, but the real subject is us. Or her. Or him.

500 words or less on what band or album did it to you, on sudden impact. And still does.

Entries will be accepted until midnight, May 15th. Winner anounced the following week.*

All I ask is that the words be true. And that you be willing to have one great muther funkin' time.

Think deep. Think hard. Think big.


*No entry fee neccesary, although the committee over here at soy un cabron would not say no to having a few Maker's on the rocks purchased on their behalf the night of the show.


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