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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Bud; Her Majesty The Bourbon Drinkers

After reading la ketch's heartbreaking story about almost losing Elliott the beagle, I decided to give a little shout out to my favorite pooch, Mr. Bud Q. Dawg, Esq., aka "Bud Dawg." He has been Maw-Maw's dog for about twelve years, and has proven himself to be a most valuable and loyal member of our dysfunctional clan. He can 'do the bear', he can 'dance the alligator', he always slips me the tongue and most importantly, he guards my beloved grandma with the ferocity of a tattooed, heavily muscled, bald headed bouncer named Tiny. He chases away lawn men, he barks to my uncle about his love for the ladies, he has ruined dress shirts of mine with his shed and drool. He is old, and I love him. My grandmother and he are like two old comedians, back and forth all day about soap operas and corrupt politicos and the mother loving Spurs. I am not an animal person, but I have never loved a pet the way that I love Bud. To you sir, I raise my glass. Everyone, a toast! To Bud!!! TO BUD!!!!!

AmericaMisfit's own Glimmer Twins!!

Guess whose hair isn't real?

If this doesn't make you wanna see AmericaMisfit, you just have no pulse in your cold dead veins.

Tomorrow's preview! Holy crap!


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