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Friday, May 26, 2006

And The Winner Is...

The day is upon us, and as promised, we here at Soy un Cabron have made a decision. It was not easy, as decisions like these never are. But after much thought, some politicking on the part of the contestants, and a revelation on the part of the Twilight Singers that there is to be added booty to the prize, the judges have made a decision.

The winner of the First Ever Tdawgblog Contest is.......


Miss Sonder's heartwarming and sidesplitting entry on Prince was too good to not give two enthusiastic thumbs up to! We salute you Miss Sonders and hope you are prepared to rock your fucking socks off. And knowing Mr. Dulli, most probably your delicates, too.

Fear not, all other entrants, for there is something in it for you. There were many great entries on topics far and wide, from childhood to love gone wrong, to self loathing, all set to the music of PJ, Mark Lanegan, The Beatles and even Richard Buckner! And as a sincere thank you for all your soul baring efforts, you will recieve not one, but TWO CD's courtesy of Soy un Cabron. The first is a self made compilation entitled, simply enough, "The Best Of Greg Dulli." The second is a burned copy of the new Twilight Singers CD, 'Powder Burns', which is already being hailed by several indie critics as the best rock record of the year.

As an added bonus for the winner, the judges at Soy Un Cabron have recently found out that they will be escorting Miss Sonders to a Twilight after party on the eve of the show!

Sometimes it pays to know people.

Sometimes those people owe you money.

Sometimes you try to do something nice for someone, but the signals get all crossed.

Somtimes only Greg Dulli can understand.

Thanks again to everyone for entering!


Blogger Brikin Blog said...

are you going to print the winning submission?

8:27 PM

Blogger tdawg said...

It's up to Miss Sonders. I shall contact her forthwith.

10:50 PM


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