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Monday, May 15, 2006

Contest Extended!

As no one save one has entered, I have decided to extend my Twilight Singers contest a week, until midnight May 22nd.

I am trying to not take it personally that not one of you great scribes has told me what band or album does it for you.

Maybe no one wants to rock out with me?

Oh well.

Someone give it the old college try.


Blogger 11103 said...

Impressions of Prince from 0-17:
First memory of Prince- my mother singing "Raspberry Beret" to my cat. My cat purrs and falls asleep with his tongue out.
Second memory of Prince- assless chaps on MTV. Nuff said.
Third memory of Price- He is no longer Prince, but some dunga dunga symbol because he is above us named beings.
Fourth memory of Prince- singing, drunkenly "1999" on New Years 2000, patiently waiting for Y2K to make world end.
Oh Prince, how you move me. You trigger little memories of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
Are you male are you female? Gay, straight? We know not. It does not matter.
Prince you make my chimichanga have that Woo Woo feeling all the time. No one makes music like you and I thank you.

9:08 AM


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